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If you clicked on CUSTOMIZE you are now in editor mode. Double-click on this text while in editor mode to change content, font styles and insert links. Typically you would want to write something about yourself or your company/business to get the reader interested. You can also replace this section with many other elements like images, galleries, YouTube video and so on, as seen in the builder dashboard on your left, just drag and drop, easy right?

Pictures are half of the design – so use nice ones! Full width images should be anywhere from 1400 to 2000 pixels in width, 72dpi resolution, everything more that that is just too much. Also ensure your images are not too big, remember – bigger the image slower your site will load. Finding the middle between quality and size is the key.

Extra widgets, even with free subscription

This default template is equipped with everything you need to create your website and make your presence on the web. Along side our basic builder elements you can also use extra widgets, even with free subscription. If you still prefer good old WordPress interface you can always log in to your Dashboard (wprezz.com/YOURSITE/wp-admin/) to change active Theme and that’s it!

For beginNers

Even without any WordPress or coding experience you will be able to create a stunning website for your business with this builder. Follow our instructions and all you need is a few hours!


WordPress veteran? Awesome! Go to your WP Dashboard and pick one of our many themes and front end will switch from this builder to a standard looking theme you picked. Rest is history.


All our subscribers gain access to our awesome drag and drop builder – completely free. You also get a decent amount of space, tons of plugins and themes you can pick from.

so why should i go pro?

Access to huge amount of premium themes and plugins. 24/7 support. Ability to add your own plugins. Extra space, and many more. Check out our Starter page to learn more.

so how do big businesses and professionals fit here?

With PRO account you gain access to huge amount of premium themes and plugins that otherwise cost thousands. Our platform is fully managed, updated on regular basis and every plugin used is thourougly tested before activation. If you have a big website you surely know how stressful is to keep WordPress updated along with all plugins while keeping everything working without problems – we cover that for you.


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