To upgrade your account simply log in to your dashboard and click on your current plan displayed on the middle-top header.

You can. Some templates allow you to extensively customize them thought the ‘template options’ or ‘current theme options’ section.

For example, try out the ‘Upfront’ tool. You can also manipulate every element to achieve a pretty impressive look ‘n feel, checkout the tutorials on the Page Builder page for how to do this.

If you want a collaborative blog or to just add users all you have to do is to ask them to create their own blog here or use the ‘Add user’ option in your left side Dashboard menu.

Try to think of this as a bit like hotmail, you’re welcome to delete all your content and you can decide never to use your blog again but unless you’ve got a very good reason (i.e. you created it using your bank pin as an id) then we won’t specifically delete your blog (too much time / pain). Try not to worry about it…

You can migrate your blog content (images, text etc.) to WPrezz. You cannot, however, migrate complete website installations due to our security policy.